Frail Care Cape Town

To be in a frail care clinic or to have a loved one in that needs frail care is an emotional time in any families life and you want the best of care for your loved ones. That is why we run this informational website to connect people in need of frail care clinics with the best clinics in the Western Cape.


De Oude Renbaan Sub-Acute Clinic

De Oude Renbaan Sub-Acute ClinicAbout Frail Care in Durbanville WHAT DOES SUB-ACUTE CARE MEAN? Treatment in a certified medical facility (approved by theĀ Board of Healthcare Funders) atĀ cheaper rates, with the permission and authorization of your Medical Aid....

Frail Care Stellenbosch

Frail Care Stellenbosch Frail Care in Stellenbosch Frail care is the care you need when you are unable to perform activities of daily living, such as eating, personal hygiene and moving about without assistance. When you are no longer able to look after yourself...

About Us

We host an informational website for frail care in the Western Cape South Africa. If you are in need to connect with a good frail care clinic please contact us. If you are a frail care clinic that needs to advertise your services in the Western Cape, you are also welcome to contact us. You can also list your clinic on one of our area pages.